Opening January, 2014, in the former Mt Zion Grade School building, the Art Center will provide a place for area artists, patrons of the arts, and art-related businesses to come together for the growth and benefit of the community.

Member Benefits
Members will be promoted on the Art Center's website and YouTube channel and will receive additional exposure through Art Center events, exhibits, and receptions. >More

Explore the Facility
Spaces are available from $200 to $700/month and can be modified to fit your needs. The facility will also feature a private theater, sound stage, and green screen.>More

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flourishEvents, Exhibits, and Receptionsflourish

The HA Art Center will hold frequent exhibits, events, and receptions all centered around promoting the Art Center’s artists and businesses. We will invite celebrities, guest speakers, and instructors from all around the country with the goal of making the center a hub of creativity and a well-known asset to the community at large.

flourishReduced Cost Access to Heroic Age Facilitiesflourish

As the renovations are completed, all renters will have reduced price access to select Heroic Age Studios facilities including our Red 4K Projecton Theater, 20’x30’ Green Screen, Sixteen Foot Tall 30’x20’ Curved-Corner White Cyc Wall, Conference Room and On-Site Work Shop.

flourishGreat Locationflourish

The Studio is located on one of the main access roads for Mt. Zion High School, Jr. High, and Intermediate School as well as Mt. Zion’s Fletcher Park. Fletcher Park hosts frequent community events like Chill on the Hill, and Family Movie Nights. The studio is also less than a block from State Highway 121, Mt. Zion Main Street and the Mt. Zion Library. In addition our Mt. Zion Illinois location places us only a few hours from Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis. This makes attracting well-known teachers and lecturers much easier as our location gives them the potential to reach a large audience.

flourishThe HA Art Center YouTube Channelflourish

Heroic Age Studios will use its resources to create a webisode highlighting each new renter’s studio space. Periodically new webisodes will be added highlighting some new aspect of each artist's business. This will allow all the artists in the building to increase their web presence as well as build off of one another’s followings gaining more recognition and exposure for everyone’s work. These webisodes can also be linked to an artist's e-commerce page.

flourishShared Advertisingflourish

Heroic Age Art Center artists will also have the opportunity to pool resources. For example all the renters can chip in to buy television time, Heroic Age Studios can produce the commercials for free, gaining continuing exposure and publicity for all the participants without putting a large financial burden on any one business.