Opening January, 2014, in the former Mt Zion Grade School building, the Art Center will provide a place for area artists, patrons of the arts, and art-related businesses to come together for the growth and benefit of the community.

Member Benefits
Members will be promoted on the Art Center's website and YouTube channel and will receive additional exposure through Art Center events, exhibits, and receptions. >More

Explore the Facility
Spaces are available from $200 to $700/month and can be modified to fit your needs. The facility will also feature a private theater, sound stage, and green screen.>More

Heroic Age Studios logo
Exterior Photo

The Facility

The facilities at the Heroic Age Art Center are truly unique. Even in cities like Chicago and St. Louis a Studio Building with so many different features would be difficult, if not impossible, to find.

The following are just a few of the elements that will make Heroic Age's facility so special:

  • A Large 18,000 sq ft Building.
  • Over two Acres of Ground for Outdoor Shows and Festivals.
  • Individual Art Studios for Art Business or Studio Artists
    • Rooms ranging in size from 80 to over 750 square ft.
    • Individual Utilities.
    • Build to Suit Options including In -Studio Plumbing and Large Windows.
    • Impressive Entry.
    • 2-Year Leases.
  • Ample Parking
  • A Sound Stage with:
    • 16’ high 30’x20’ Curved Corner White Cyc Wall.
    • 20’x30’ Green Screen.
    • Full Lighting Grid.
    • 14’x14’ Door for Truck and Auto Access.
  • A Recording Studio with:
    • ADR Booth.
  • 24’x34’ Private Theater Room with:
    • RED 4K Laser Projector.
    • Full Snack Bar.
  • Multiple Edit Suites.
  • Studio Observation Lounge.
  • Several Large Hallway Galleries.
  • Carpentry Work Shop.
  • Conference Room.
  • Kitchen.
  • 3 Reception Areas.
  • Large Gathering Spaces for Shows, Classes, Lectures, and Presentations.

Call Eric Hector at 217.972.7867 to learn more or to schedule a tour.